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I think we all are tired of going to market and wasting our time in finding the right product what if their is a way to search the product that your city market is having and you can just directly go and buy it or you can get it delivered at your doorstep well " City ka market" does that work for you just come to our site search whatever you want and we will tell you which shop in your city is selling that product at the best price. Simple and easy

any shopkeeper can come to our website and have their own prodcuts displayed and sold to our beloved customers

just register yourself for free and connect customers to you tell them what you have that other's don't fill details that u wanna share with your customers and you are ready to rock. i assure you whatever you need we will provide it to you under the best price why should you trust us because if you do their is nothing you are loosing but if you don't you might leave the chance of buying your product by the best and under the best.

feel free to suggest we appreciate suggestions that we more good we can do for our customers.

What is City Ka Market ?
It provides a platform where anyone can Increase there business by updating there products online. All you have to do is Register yourself and you are ready to go.We want you to just have the benefits without worries we know you are already having a lo to deal and we are here to give you an ease. Anyone can have there own personal WEBSITE without worrying about how to maintain it and all the expenses. we value your time just leave the rest to us "City ka Market is all about Sellers and Customers"
How it works?
We like to keep it as simple as possible. Just some clicks here and their and you are ready to go.
* Just click on the website link.
* Click on Register yourself and start updating your products.
* The more You upload the more customers you will get.
There are more options coming that will help your business to grow as soon as possible. There is no harm in getting more in exchange of nothing. Yes you read it right we charge nothing.
An online e-commerce website "where you can get your product within your city at the best price".
We have decided quite a lot of changes that are going to be different and are entirely gonna be fruitfull for both customer and sellers end.

Our Price

200 .00 /MON
  • 25 Products
  • 5 days trial
  • 8/ Product
300 .00 /MON
  • 50 Products
  • 10 days trial
  • 6/ Product
400 .00 /MON
  • 75 Products
  • 15 days trial
  • 5.33/ Product
500 .00 /MON
  • 100 Products
  • 20 days trial
  • 5/ Product
600 .00 /MON
  • 150 Products
  • 25 days trial
  • 4/ Product
750 .00 /MON
  • Unlimited Products
  • 30 days trial
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